Land Titles Form Bundles

Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant
Use this forms bundle when a joint tenant dies and the title needs to be transfered to the surviving joint tenant(s). When owners are joint tenants of a title, they own the title without separate shares. This form of ownership allows for an automatic right of survivorship. If one of the owners dies, his or her share in the title may pass automatically to the surviving joint tenant(s). Note: This does not apply if the ownership is specified on title as “Joint Tenants with no survivorship”.

Application for Transfer (Single Title)
Use this forms bundle to transfer a single title. The current owner of the title may be a single owner or two or more owners who hold the title as joint tenants. To use this application, the title must be transferred to either a single owner or to owners who will be joint tenants.

Application for Transfer (Multiple Titles - Setup/Surrender)
This is a multi-purpose forms bundle. It can be used to surrender specific titles or to surrender titles to an existing parcel, condominium unit; or mineral commodity. It can also be used to surrender the title(s) to source parcels on an approved plan (consolidation, subdivision, mineral, condominium, etc.). Each new title being created requires a separate Application for Transfer (Part II Setup).

Application for Transmission
Complete this?forms bundle?to transfer title from a title owner who is deceased to his or her personal representative (an executor or administrator of estate) or to transfer title from a title owner who is bankrupt to his or her trustee in bankruptcy (summary or ordinary).

Application for Interest Registration
Use this?forms bundle?to create the registration of a new interest and attach it to one or more existing
title(s), parcel(s), interest(s) or interest share(s).

Application for Interest Amendment
Use this?forms bundle to change/amend an existing interest. The amendment will affect all the interests under a particular interest registration (identified by Interest Register Number). Be sure to include an Interest Authorization and any supporting documents.

Application for Interest Assignment
Use this forms bundle?to transfer/assign an existing interest to another person or entity. By assigning an interest, you are changing the holder. The current holder may assign some or all of the interests associated with an interest registration.

Application for Interest Discharge
Use this forms bundle if you want to discharge an existing interest from some or all of the parcels, titles, interests or interest shares that it affects.

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