Register a Business or Incorporate

Do I need to register my business?

STEP 1:?Choose your Business Type?
All types of business structures can be registered easily online. Check out the information provided?by entity type to determine which business type is right for you.

STEP 2: Reserve a Name
The name for your business should be unique and easy to remember, and should describe the products and services you provide.?

STEP 3: Prepare to Register your Business
Our online registration allows you to register with Corporate Registry, Ministry of Finance, and Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board all at the same time. If you wish to register with these agencies, you may be required to provide additional information. You will also be automatically registered for the Canada Revenue Agency Business Number program.

STEP 4: Register your Business
Once you have reserved a business name and have gathered the required information, you can register your business.

STEP 5: What to do After You’ve Registered your Business?
After you’ve registered, here are things you may need to know. ?

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